Reasons You Need an Online Custom Suit

These days, it is easier than ever before to buy a custom suit. All you have to do is visit Claymore Brothers and order your custom suit online. Now, when people hear the word “custom,” they immediately think expensive and unnecessary. You might even think that a custom suit is for fashionistas or men with egos as big as their pickup trucks.

Now, there are a few men out there who see this for what it is. They understand that a custom suit will make you look amazing and that buying a bespoke suit shows you have style and it is something that you will wear for years, unlike that skull shirt you thought was so cool at the time.

If you want to stay a step above men who wear off-the-rack suits, buy a custom suit, there is a huge difference.

Claymore Brothers, your source for online custom suits, offer the reasons you need a bespoke suit.

Better Fit

This is really a no-brainer once you think about it. Anyone who wants to look good in a suit knows that how it fits means everything. The thing is that you just aren't going to get the fit you want buying a suit off the rack.

Custom made means certain aspects of the suit will fit perfectly including the neck area, the length of the sleeves and the length of the pants.

Control the Proportions

In a custom made suit, every little detail of your suit will fit and suit your individual build. Yes, it will fit better, we have already established this fact, but it will fit your body type better as well.

For example, if you are a rather big fellow with huge calves and a wide chest, you are going to look better in wider lapels and very little taper below the knee.

Smaller lapels and more aggressive tapering through the leg are better suited for smaller guys.

Options, Options, Options

A really fun part about buying a custom suit online is that you get to pick out all of the small customizations. For example, you get to choose customizations including the stitching, the contrast felt, the type of belt loops and the pockets.

You will wind up spending way too much time picking out the custom options for your suit.

You are in Charge

Custom tailoring means you are in total control of the look of your suit. Besides, why should someone else dictate the style of your suit?

Better Performance

There is scientific research that shows the kind of clothes you wear to the office affects how well you work. Researchers asked people to perform particular tasks wearing professional items of clothing and the results suggest the better you dress, the better you perform.

In a nutshell, a custom suit will go a long way in landing that promotion and a big raise.

Buying a custom suit online is a major investment, plan for it like you would a luxury vacation. Go to Claymore Brothers and order your custom suit today.

Start Customizing

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