Men's Custom Suits and Fashion Mistakes

You may never be seen wearing socks with sandals, but there are other fashion mistakes you might be making. And while it should be obvious to most men that socks and sandals combo is a definite no-no, other fashion faux pas are a bit less obvious.

You are a busy man, between work, school and doing whatever else you do, it can be quite difficult keeping up with the latest fashion fads. This is a big part of the reason some men commit fashion crimes.

Claymore Brothers, home of men’s custom suits, offers style mistakes men should avoid.

White Athletic Socks

Men who know how to properly dress have a recurring nightmare in which they open their sock drawer only to find an endless supply of white athletic socks. But just why are they hated so much?

It’s because gym socks look cheap and get dirty really quickly. They might look white when you put them on in the morning but are a grayish color by noon and brown by 5 p.m.

The rule of thumb here is that if you aren’t breaking a sweat purposefully, then avoid wearing white athletic socks.

Jean Shorts

This is wrong in so many ways we don’t even know where to start.

Suspenders and a Belt

Belts are made to hold your trousers up, so are suspenders, so you don’t need both.

Trousers that are Too Long


Allowing your trousers to spill over your shoes like molten lava is a fashion mistake. Your pants should only ever touch the top of your shoes and there should be no bunching of the fabric at all.

You Think a V-Neck Looks Good?

Wearing a shirt with a little V-neck is just fine, but a deep V is definitely a fashion error. The main reason not to wear a deep V-neck is that nobody wants to see your newly-waxed chest.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Wearing pants that are too baggy and shirts that are form-fitting are fashion boo-boos. When you shop for new clothes, try them on first to ensure a good fit.

Dressing Like a Walking Billboard

A more common mistake men make is wearing shirts that have large and loud logos. For example, you might think that Ed Hardy shirt looks pretty cool, but nobody else thinks so. 

Excessive Jewelry

Unless you are a successful rock star, avoid a skull ring on every finger and seven necklaces. Please limit the jewelry to two or three pieces at a time. Also, mix it up a bit, we are tired of seeing the same rings.

Sports Jerseys

We get it, your team is in the playoffs battling for the Stanley Cup. And while it is perfectly fine to wear their jersey to a game or to the bar to watch the game, you should never wear a team jersey out to dinner or even out running errands.

Just know you won’t commit any fashion mistakes wearing a custom suit from Claymore Brothers.

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