Bespoke Quality

Off the Rack Pricing

At Claymore Brothers, we strive to provide quality found only in master craft tailoring at the prices you would expected from off the rack suits. What does this mean to the average consumer? It means that Claymore Brothers ensures only the highest quality fabrics, expert tailoring, and modern looks expected from our valued customers. 

When a suit is bought off the rack, it has been designed for mass production. When it is bought from Claymore Brothers, it is designed for you.

Our Process

At Claymore Brothers, our process starts  right from fabric selection, where you can expect only the best English milled fabrics to be used in your suit. From here, the fabric is sent to our expert tailors, who will design the product based on your exact specifications and measurements. Unlike Made-To- Measure suits, our suits are individually patterned by our tailors to best suit your body type. Our enhanced Measurement System and profile pictures are used in order to do what simple measurements cannot: we use the shape and form of your body to create a truly custom suit. Unlike off the rack or Made-to-Measure outfits, our custom suits actually suit your body, and not force you to fit into a pre-determined form.

Our suits are fully canvassed. To you, this means that no glue is used in the front panel, so you can re-tailor your suit years after purchase, if you require. Our suits will mold to your body over time, move more fluidly, have a better structure, and will have a longer endurance to dry cleaning. We will never fuse or half-canvass a suit, unlike many other modern retailers. 

When your suit is complete, we ensure expedited shipping to the desired destination, so you have your suit when and where you need it. When you try your Claymore Brothers suit on for the first time, you will fully realize the time we took to tailor the suit to you. 

If adjustments are needed, take the suit to your local tailor with our form, and have the suit adjusted in accordance with our adjustment guide. Submit the form and receipt to us, and your profile will be updated with the recommendations from your local tailor to make your next order that much better.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

The word Bespoke is used throughout Europe to denote this tailoring process. Unfortunately, a traditional Bespoke suit can take up to 6 months to create based on the quantity of hand stitching and the fittings required. To provide a product in a timely manner, areas requiring simple stitching are done by machine, and the cost of a Bespoke suit can range from two-thousand to ten-thousand dollars. Finally the tailoring team of a traditional bespoke suit will be stagnate, from a single area, and require in person service. At Claymore Brothers,  we realize that in a modern society with fast paced schedules and expensive travel, this process becomes an impossibility while keeping delivery time and purchase cost low. That is why we have adopted a method we call Modern Bespoke. 

Modern Bespoke is the process of using the measurement system, profile photos, and adjustment tailoring to refine your profile so that our products will fit you time and time again, without the massive costs, geographical restrictions, or time commitment normally expected.

Start Customizing

Select a fabric and make the perfect suit. We'll show you how to get measured, or measure yourself.