Men's Custom Suits and the Job Interview

You think men have it easy when it comes to what to wear to a job interview. After all, all you need to do is run into Macy’s or a similar store and buy a suit. You are then good to go.

But not really.

There are right ways and wrong ways to dress for a job interview and if you go to your interview wearing a suit off the rack, it shows that you aren’t destined for greatness. A suit off of the rack has mediocre written all over it.

Sure, when it comes to getting your dream job, looks aren’t everything. But the way you present yourself says a lot about you and the approach you are going to take with the new job. If you want to make the right impression, you need to dress the part.

Claymore Brothers, your source for men’s custom suits, offers this handy guide to dressing for a job interview.

Elements of Business Dress

The fundamental expectations of business dress is a combination of the following elements:

The Shoes-Black leather shoes properly polished with socks that match your trousers. For example, blue trousers call for blue socks.

The Shirt-Your shirt should be white or white with very light patterning. The shirt should be pressed with sharp collar points. There should be no wrinkles. The best shirt to wear at an interview is a tailored shirt.

The Suit-Your suit should be smooth-textured and dark colored with either no pattern or very fine white pinstripes. You don’t want to come off as too flashy, so stick with a single-breasted jacket. You get a big plus for wearing a tailored suit.

The Tie-You can wear a tie with any pattern you choose, just make sure it isn’t too flashy or overly busy.

The Accents-You should be wearing a black belt with a small metal buckle, a light colored pocket square in the breast pocket and a watch with a black leather band to match your belt.

The Man

A few days before your interview, have your hair freshly cut and make sure they trim the neck and around the ears. If you are sporting a beard or mustache, this must also be freshly trimmed and looking as neat as possible.

You should pay meticulous attention to your nails. You need to make sure they are neatly cut and brushed. Make sure your nails don’t look like you have been pulling weeds in the garden, changing the oil on your car or repairing a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink.

You are good with using very little cologne. You may very well be in a small room during the interview and splashing Old Spice on yourself could suffocate others.

The Suit

Buying a suit from some store at the mall seems like the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to dress for the interview. If this is what you are thinking, you might want to reconsider.

You see, mass producers simply cannot make suits that fit every customer. They have a few standard models with standard cuts which will fit a standard person. So if you aren’t a standard size, your store-bought suit will never fit.

Your best choice is to order a custom-tailored suit, a so-called bespoke. This way, you have ensured a suit that fits properly and is perfect for that job interview, or for any occasion for that matter.

Any neglect form the basic rules of formal etiquette when dressing for a job interview shows disrespect and could cost you a potential dream job. Following these rules attracts people’s attention and gets their favor.

Show that you are the one best-suited for the job and, well, the one who is best-suited. Visit Claymore Brothers today.

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