Made-to-Measure Suits and Being a Gentleman

You do realize that it takes more than just buying a custom suit to become a gentleman. Don’t you?

Being a gentleman is so much more than just wearing a custom-tailored suit and holding doors open for women. Being a gentleman isn't just making an adjustment to your personality and manners. It is not something that can be turned on and off like a light switch. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle and it requires dedication.

Being a gentleman starts with one word: Respect. Being a gentleman means you must have respect for yourself, those you care about and those who you would like to care about.

Claymore Brothers, home of made-to-measure suits, offer tips on how to be a true gentleman.

Watch Your Mouth

You will be alarmed to discover just how many people are offended by swearing. A gentleman knows to keep his potty mouth to a minimum.

And while this is quite obvious in a professional setting, it also means not dropping four-letter bombs in your personal life as well. Cussing and cursing in no way makes you look like a better person to others, people are not impressed.

A true gentleman will work to expand his vocabulary and become a better communicator. Impress others with your intelligence, not your crass words.

Check the Mirror

Being a gentleman means putting an effort into your appearance. This means you need to do more than just brush your teeth one a day and put a comb through your hair.

Keep yourself showered, clean and well-groomed. Take our word on this; most women don’t appreciate scruffy men who smell like Old Spice. If a woman’s nose crinkles when you meet her, you're doing it wrong.

Be Punctual

If you are not early, then you are late. Plan ahead for traffic jams and other little disasters that can make you late. You always need to make sure you have plenty of gas in your ride and that you have no excuses for not being on time.

You need to respect her time and never keep a woman waiting. And if she happens to show up a few moments late, never draw attention to it or say anything about it.

Stand and Smile

A gentleman always acknowledges and respects the presence of a woman. This means when she enters the room, you stand and give her a genuine smile. You should also rise when she gets up to leave the room.

At mealtime, you stand when she gets up and excuses herself from the table.

Sincere Compliments

“You look amazing this evening” or something very similar should be the first words from your mouth when you meet a woman on a date. Never fall into that trap of taking her for granted. After all, she must see something genuine in you if she agreed to date you.

Treat Others with Respect

A gentleman never treats others as if they are inferior or talks down to others. This is snobbery that has no place in our society. This means you are not rude to bartenders, servers or anyone for that matter.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

A Gentleman Pays

That’s right, you are the one who reached for the check at an outing. Don’t even think about pulling out your smartphone and using the check dividing app, the term “going Dutch” is not in a gentleman’s vocabulary.

Also, never look at the check to see how much it is. Just take out your credit card and hand it over to the server.

Listen Up

A gentleman asks questions when they are trying to get to know someone and then they listen carefully to the responses. And by listening we don’t mean looking annoyed and waiting for the opportunity to add your two-cents worth.

When listening, you need to be attentive, understand reactions, read responses and navigate their emotional landscape.

Be Yourself

Being a gentleman means acting like yourself and not a Ken doll. So let your guard down and quit acting so glossy. The irony of being yourself is what makes you unique to others.

Remember, being a gentleman never goes out of style.

Being a gentleman starts with looking the part is a great custom suit. Shop Claymore Brothers today.

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