Where to Wear Your Bespoke Suit

The custom-made suit-wearing man knows just when he needs to wear his suit.

An impeccably tailored suit helps nail down your great looks in any number of special events. One of the most important things for any guy to own is a well-made suit that properly fits. You should have at least one of these suits in your wardrobe, preferably more.

You might come up with one or two occasions in which you should be wearing a suit. Not bad. But Claymore Brothers, your source for bespoke suits, put together this list of occasions in which you should be wearing a suit.

Cultural Events

It is always a good idea to wear a suit to cultural events like a museum or an art show. Sure, you can attend an art show in your jeans and a t-shirt, but you might feel and look awkward all at the same time. Show others just how classy you are by showing up to cultural events in your suit.

Religious Ceremonies

There is literally no excuse for not wearing a suit to church for whatever reason. The two main reasons for visiting a church is for a wedding or a funeral, both of which beg a suited man. But even attending a social gathering at a church requires more than a casual getup, so wear a suit.


It’s fine to dress casual for a casual restaurant and you certainly don’t need anything more than cut-offs and flip-flops to frequent a fast food joint, but dress up for the nicer eateries.

You might feel overdressed at a few places, but you will stand out from the crowd and look quite stylish and prominent.

On a First Date

Many of you are scratching your heads at this one.

This may be a surprise for some men, but nothing impresses more on a first date than a man in a tailored suit. You have heard that the clothes make the man, and this is no more important than on a first date.

There is never any guarantee of a second date, so you had better impress on the first.

Business Presentations

When you are the one giving a business presentation, you bet you need to be wearing a tailored suit. If you find that you are the most overdressed person in the room, you can always remove your suit jacket.

Job Interviews

It is recommended that men wear suits to job interviews, even if you have studied the culture and everybody else is dressing casually. Wearing a suit to a job interview is always the safe option as it shows potential employers that you should be taken quite seriously.

Network Events

A networking event is pretty much like a mobile job interview. So it is important that you are looking your best by donning your custom suit.

On an Airplane

Just how cool will you look wearing your tailored suit on an airplane? James Bond cool to be sure.

Get your custom-tailored suit at Claymore Brothers and dress to impress.

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