Lapel Styles

As the most pronounced part of a suit today, the lapel style can have a great affect on the overall style and appearance of your suit. A well paired lapel and shirt collar will be a sure win every time, although there is always room to explore and develop your own style.

Notch Lapels

Narrow Notch Lapel

A slim notch lapel will work best with a slim and tall gent, as it will act to fill out your frame. 

Standard Notch Lapel

This type of lapel is the most versatile and widely used when customizing a suit. It can be used in both formal and casual occasions, alongside specifically made sports jackets. For mid-sized body types, this is the first choice for an all around suit.

Wide Notch Lapel

A wide notch lapel can help trim down the appearance of larger gentlemen. This can also work the opposite for men of small stature that want to appear larger or more prominent. 

Peak Lapels

Narrow Peak Lapel

A narrow peak lapel can work well in shorter men, as an aspect of height is pronounced with the upward facing peaks. The narrow peak is less pronounced, which can be a more subtle approach to style. This can also remain true to wider gentlemen, who can benefit from the trimming effects of looking taller. 

Wide Peak Lapel

While the wide peak lapel can speak a pronounced message, it can also increase the trimming effects of larger men. This type of lapel is quite in style at the moment, with appearances in many fashion magazines. The upwards notes also add a pronounced look to the shoulders.


A Black Tie Staple

A Shawl collar is a type of lapel with no noticeable peaks, and is only ever made for tuxedos or evening suits. This rounding effect can create an elegant look on trim men.

Pant Pleats

Pant pleats have become a major topic of conversation among stylists and designers for the past 15 years, with the general consensus being: un-pleated pants look way better!

Most of the Time, Go Without Pleats

Normally, most men will be looking for unpleated pants, as these are the most commonly used type today. The absence of pleats provides the most flattering look for most body types.

When a Pant Pleat is Desirable

Sometimes a larger waisted man may require pleats in order to provide space in the upper sections of the pants, while trimming the lower sections. These come with the over all effect of trimming larger men.