Choosing the right suit for a wedding can be a difficult process, as knowing the formality of a particular event is sometimes unclear. When in doubt its always a good idea to overdress. An important thing to note is to not dress better or more extravagant than the groom. Think stylish, but not over the top, as to not take away the attention from you friend or family member whom is getting married. It is normally a faux pas to wear white to a wedding unless specifically suggested in the invitation.

Dress to the Season

What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding

Lighter coloured and breathable cloth is best fit for warmer months, where you will want something that will keep you cool and compliment the light summer colours. The Claymore Brothers Luxury Grey Suit offers exactly this. 

What to Wear to a Fall or Winter Wedding

Darker coloured garments are the norm when attending a wedding during the winter. In fall you might want to accent this darkness with a brighter shirt. Warmth is of concern when selecting suit for a wedding in colder months. A heavier coat will provide you with the necessary comfort when outside, while dressing in layers can be beneficial. Adding a vest to your outfit can give you an extra article to wear if it gets to hot inside for a jacket.

Dress for the occasion

What to Wear to a Formal Wedding

If your invitation states "formal" or "black tie", you will want to come prepared in a tuxedo. There are many options to consider, but remember, don't dress to extravagantly which could potentially take attention away from the groom. Even when an invitation states, "black tie optional", it is always best to come prepared with a tuxedo, or at very least a well made suit, black in colour. 

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

When the wedding occasion specifically calls for casual attire, you will still want to look sharp and at your best. Try out a light coloured dress shirt and sports coat, or perhaps just a vest. Wearing a sweater underneath a sports coat can be a great choice for colder months.