Fabric Weight and Durability

Selecting the right suit fabric for the occasion is an important step in buying a luxury suit, and is very dependent on how often you intend on wearing the suit, and for what purpose. This guide will show you everything you need to know about selecting the right suit fabric for the occasion.

1. Everyday Use

selecting a suit fabric for every day use

Merino Wool: The Suit Standard

The 100% Merino Wool found in the Claymore Brothers Navy Suit is made for regular use, at work or play. The 9oz Heavy Weight fabric is designed to withstand normal use and movement for extended periods of time. Since the fabric is heavier in weight, it is best to be worn in cooler seasons or climates.

Super 100s: Strong and Robust

The balance of strength, durability, breathability and drape is perfected in the Claymore Brothers Standard Black Suit. With a heavyweight, 10.5 oz fabric providing excellent drape and comfort, this is a perfect suit to be worn every day.

2. Light Use - Luxury Fabric

Super 160s Wool: Rare and Luxurious

For year round use on an occasional basis, the 100% merino wool found in the Claymore Brothers Luxury Grey Suit is of medium weight, and can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe for nights out and formal meetings. At 8 oz's, this fabric is design for light regular use, where the fabric won't see to much stress.

Super 150s: Unique Weight and Comfort

The blend of 96% Merino wool and 4% Cashmere used to make the Claymore Brothers Bronze Pinstripe Suit offers a distinct comfort from the blended Cashmere. This in turn provides a heavier weight, and elegant drape. Although quite durable, this fabric is designed for occasional use for more formal occasions.

Type of Occasion

While making sure you have selected the correct fabric type for the amount of wear you will be putting on your suit, it is also important to note the occasion and amount of formality required for such events. Below you will find some tips on dressing for formal and non-formal occasions.

3. Formal Occasions

When to wear a tuxedo

Tuxedos and generally reserved for formal events such as an opera, ballet or symphony alongside invitations to formal dances, dinners, receptions or restaurants. If the invitation states that this is a 'black tie' or 'formal' event, it is generally expected that you should wear a tuxedo.

When a suit is acceptable

In some circumstances, such as when an invitation states,"Black Tie Optional", a well made and fitting suit can be used in place of a tuxedo, but should be reserved to luxury fabric and dark in color.

4. Semi-Formal and Casual Occasions

Dressing for attending a semi formal event as a guest

In order to be well prepared in dressing acceptably for a wedding, graduation, business event or other semi-formal occasion, it is important to note the invitation. Darker coloured suits work well all year round while a lighter colour may work well in the evening. These semi-formal events may call for a tie, but this is also an item which can be easily removed if found to be too formal.

Dressing for business casual events

In a more casual circumstance, such as dinner with colleagues or golfing, it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans or trousers with a sports jacket. Ties should be avoided as you may come across as too formal.