Custom Tailored Suits Build Self-Esteem

As it turns out, Mark Twain was dead on when he said, “Clothes make the man.”

Your clothing not only affects how others view you, but it also changes the view you have of yourself. It also changes the way in which you see the world.

Wearing more formal clothes is associated with a greater chance of identifying a course of action and the ability to process advantages. That is, a sharp-dressed man feels more in control of his circumstances.

Wearing formal clothes makes you feel powerful, which changes the way in which you see the world. And it may sound superficial, but the harsh reality is that you are judged by others for the way you dress. So it makes sense to take the time and effort to look your best and you will get started on the right foot.

Dressing down might be fashionable, but it only creates barriers if you are trying to rise to the top. Claymore Brothers, home of custom tailored suits, offers the reasons you should start wearing a suit.

Radiate Self-Worth and Self-Respect

The guy who pairs a nice watch with a custom suit is well-respected and viewed with admiration. Dressing sharp shows maturity and it also indicates that you take the time and effort to look good. It also shows that you take pride in yourself and you are concerned about the way in which you carry yourself. All admirable traits indeed.

Gain a Competitive Edge

When it comes to the average guy, we think it is fair to say they really don’t think about what they wear. Many men think that wearing a suit is just too much. But then these very same men are quick to complain when they are overlooked for a promotion or why they aren’t being noticed like others.

One reason for their lack of opportunities is the lack of personality they show in the clothes they wear. A better-dressed man indicates confidence. And if a man can’t project his personality through his boring wardrobe, just how does he expect to rise to the top?

Preferential Treatment

Go ahead, don a custom suit from Claymore Brothers and see just how well people treat you.

The first thing you will notice is that people will start calling your “sir.” People will also assume positive things about you and they will be more likely to give you what you want. You will be hassled less and you will enjoy a smoother life as a result.


Dressing nicely shows that you have respect for the people around you and the situation that you are in. If you show up for a business meeting dressed down, do you really think it will work to your advantage?

When someone shows up to a business meeting in a suit, it shows that they are taking the situation seriously and they will garner more respect.

Wear It Proudly

When it comes to strutting your stuff, context is secondary. It could be a dull day at the office or a rather uneventful wedding, but you still look great in your custom suit, your self-confidence is high and you still feel in charge every time you dress up.

Start Customizing

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