Bespoke Suits and Good Grooming Habits

First impressions matter. Whether you are in a job interview, meeting the girl of your dreams or simply attending a business meeting, people will be judging you based on how you look.

When someone sees you for the very first time, they will look you over and judge you based on your you present yourself. Which is why you like to wear bespoke suits from Claymore Brothers. You might look fantastic in your custom suit, but don’t forget about grooming yourself. It is all too difficult for people to see how great you look when you have a wayward hair peeking from your left nostril. Just so you know, that will attract unwanted attention.

There is a lot at stake here, so you should be taking grooming seriously.

Mind the Beard

Having a beard is cool. But if your beard is frizzy, all over the place or just plain messy, the coolness level doesn’t matter.

It takes more than just good shampoo and conditioner to ensure your beard looks and smells great. There are three nuances to grooming a beard.

You will need a wide tooth comb if your beard is thick and long. You then go over it with a narrow tooth comb and then a bristle brush. This will remove tangles and keep your beard looking in good order.

Lastly, mix in a little beard oil for style.

Clean Hands

The first thing you do when meeting someone new while at work is shake their hand. If your fingernails are dirty, you are leaving a poor impression. Trim your nails on a regular basis and often enough so that dirt doesn’t accumulate under them. And make sure you are washing your hands quite often to ensure they are clean and healthy.

Put Your Best Feet Forward

You may not show them off too often, but it is still important that you have a foot care routine. Lathering up your feet with soap and finishing them off with moisturizer isn’t enough, you need to hit that pumice stone hard to ensure that when you wear flip flops, others aren’t disgusted.

Sort the Eyebrows

Big eyebrows aren’t the problem, if they meet in the middle, that is a problem. Pay attention to the middle of your eyebrows and remove errant hairs as soon as they appear.


Not many of you want to hear this, but you need to moisturize daily. It will give you a better look and a healthy, subtle glow.

Signature Scent

We are going to tell you right now, lose the Old Spice. Aftershave isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious. You don’t want to stop people in their tracks when you walk past them.

Rather, your scent should become a subtle part of your presence. And rather than having a medicine cabinet full of random aftershaves, find one that suits you and stick with that.

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