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Why Buy a Blake Stitched Shoe?

Claymore Brothers

For many of us, the idea of buying a new set of shoes seems like a six month recurring event, as the soles of our shoes separate from their uppers.

Dress shoes are broken into three categories: cemented construction, Goodyear welt, and Blake stitched. The picture, seen above, is a set of shoes in which the adhesive used during cemented construction has failed. In this method the upper is adhered (cemented) by a glue adhesive. When the glue fails, the shoes inevitably end up in the trash.

The two top construction methods are the Goodyear welt and the Blake stitch. There are varying opinions on which construction is best, as one method is more robust, but the other is more flexible and sleek. The benefits gained by the built up construction of the Goodyear welt come at the cost of a heavier, less flexible shoe, and a bulky outsole. The Blake stitch, where the insole, upper and outsole are sewn together, allow for a close-cut, lighter, and more flexible shoe.

At Claymore Brothers, we only use the Blake stitch when constructing shoes. A long lasting design that can, after extensive use, be cost effectively resoled at your local cobbler.

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