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Sustainability and Formalwear: What sets us apart?

Claymore Brothers
Wool - Sheep

At Claymore Brothers, providing sustainable products is part of our core principles. When you provide a sustainable piece of formalwear, it also tends to be long lasting. This is achieved by using premium materials, and superior construction.

When constructing your suits and shirts, we only use Mother of Pearl or Horn to make your buttons. This uses renewable items that last longer than plastics and are less prone to snapping. These beautiful pieces naturally decompose after a long service life which is better for our planet.

For your suit construction, we use premium fabrics from Huddersfield England. The mills and techniques, passed from generation to generation, cannot be duplicated. Our internal construction avoids the use of glues that would reduce the service life of the cloth and result in unnecessary turnover and waste. For more information read about our full canvas construction.

For your accessories, we use premium materials including Silk, Mother of Pearl, Onyx and Sterling Silver. All of which are long lasting, renewable or reusable.

For your shoes, we use a method called Blake Stitch helping the shoes last longer, be easily resoled, and does not require glues and adhesives which are not easily disposed of.

Pearl, silver and onyx look better than plastic, Blake stitch looks better than cemented (glue), and glue in a suit shows marks where it has been fused over time. Not a cute look. Make the more sustainable and fashionable choice, and browse our collection.

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