Wardrobe Subscription (2 Suits and 8 Shirts/ Year)

This yearly subscription is a must have for anyone looking to look sharp year round. We'll get your made to order suits and shirts ready and send you four packages throughout the year, two which will contain a custom suit plus two shirts, and two which will contain two shirts.

Our world class tailors have made suits for some of the most well known mens fashion lines in the world and when they combine their expertise with your unique measurements, you will experienced the best fit, guaranteed.

Each suit is made to order using superior quality Merino Wool milled in Huddersfield, England. A durable, breathable wool provides a beautiful drape and a remarkably soft feel. Our suits are fully canvassed which means that no glue is used in the front panel, so if you ever need to, you could easily re-tailor your suit years after purchase. Our suits have longer endurance to dry cleaning and will mold to your body over time.  In a Claymore Bothers suit, your presence will be known and respected.

Fabric Quality: Your tuxedo will always be tailored with the finest wool, intended for light use, while the choice is yours with the suits.

  • The Bronze option will include 2 suits using standard, every day use fabric. Bronze Suits: Debut Black and Debut Navy.
  • The Silver Option will include 1 suit using standard suit cloth, and 1 suit using premium, made for occasional use suit cloth. Silver Suits: Half from Bronze, half from Gold
  • The Gold option will include suits made only of premium and luxury fabrics, designed for light or occasional use. Gold Suits: Debut Bronze Pinstripe and Debut Grey.
  • The Platinum option will include suits made only of the highest quality fabrics, designed for light or occasional use. Platinum Suits: Endeavour Prince of Whales and Endeavour Charcoal.

You can cancel your subscription (exit) in month 3, 6, 9, or 12. If in another month, a combination of shirts and/or vests will be shipped depending on the exit month.


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